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Of cars and coupons

April 25th, 2007 at 03:08 pm

Well, I called a guy that TB volunteers with at a local fire department and who owns his own shop. He agreed that I should probably get the maintenance done soon since I'm pretty far over the manufacturers recommended time to do it. He quoted me a price of $773.52 w/ tax, which includes changing out all the belts and the water pump. Also, a bunch of other little things are included like when they take out the water pump they do some things on the cooling system and antifreeze as well. I think this is pretty much a no-brainer to get this done. It is just hard to part with money now that I am trying to make it work in my favor. (Yeah, I should have told that to myself when I spent over $400 on eating out last month. You know you wanted to say it!) Smile

My check on Friday will be (by about $500) more than a normal check would be because I am getting a performance bonus and I also have 10 hours of OT on it. We have the ability to get a performance bonus about once per month and I usually always get it. Sometimes it is more than others. This just happened to be a really good month. For the OT pay, I have been working 5 hours per week for the past month or so. It's not too much but it give my check an added little boost.

On the coupon/ad shopping front, I am really starting to get involved in it. I bought a Sunday paper last week and clipped a few coupons for stuff that I know we'll be using. Grocery store ads came in the mail yesterday and I went through them last night making a list of the items I want to price match at Wal-Mart. My goal is to do most of my shopping at Wal-Mart and price match the other's ads at Wal-Mart. Unless, of course, there are BOGO items or really good coupons that I can use at the other stores (since Wal-Mart won't double or triple like they do). For the past two weeks, I have done the price matching thing and it is really easy. Why I never did this before, I don't know. It's actually kind of fun. Oh, and I found some pretty cool websites (maybe this is old news) called and (Sorry, no hyperlinks. I'm having to hurry). On the Taylortown site, every Wednesday they list the coupons that will be in the next week's paper. I think that is pretty cool! The couponmom site has where you can plug in your local stores and see what coupons get you the best deals.

Also, in the Sunday paper there was a Walgreens insert that had some good coupon buys in it. I went and got just those things last night. They had 12 packs of DP products for $2.00, Kraft mac & cheese 2 for $1 and Van De Kamp pork and beans 3 for $1. I got the limit for each of those items and spend just over $15.00.

Ok, I have rambled enough for today. I am off to try and figure out how to add my favorite blogs over on the left side of the page. Smile

Belts and Stuff

April 25th, 2007 at 12:54 am

Bills paid today:
Geico Auto Insurance - $120.88
TXU Electric - $164.97 (budget billing amount...actual bill amount was 94.91)
Bank of America (truck) - $311.55 (balance before payment was $6,701.21)
Sprint PCS - $50.62
Visa - $50.00 (balance before payment was $2,231.48)
Discover-D - $148.40 (balance AFTER payment was $4,900...0% interest)

That's all the bills through the end of the month except Netflix ($19.29) which will be deducted on 4/26. Other than groceries, gas and tithe, I should not spend any more. Since I don't get paid until Friday and Visa (lowest on the debt snowball) is due on Thursday, I just made close to the minimum payment. I plan to make another payment as soon as Friday's check is deposited. Figuring out how much that will be is where I am having trouble.

My dilemma: I paid off my 2000 Honda Accord last month. Well, today I got a coupon type booklet in the mail from the local Honda dealership. In there, I noticed an ad for $35 off a timing belt replacement. Well, that got me thinking about maintenance on my car. I bought my car used when it had 25,000 miles on it. Now it has 125,000 miles on it. I have never had any belts replaced. I called a friend who works at another local dealership and asked him about having the belts changed out/checked and he said that it would definitely be a good thing to have it done soon. He said it should have been done at 90,000 miles. So, now I am all worried about needing my belts changed but if I do that, it will mean way less going toward the Visa because the cost of changing out the drive belts, timing belt, water pump and whatever else is right around $700.00. I should still have at least $600 to go toward the Visa and still have money for necessities through next month.

So, should I go ahead and get the work done on the car? I am kind of thinking it is a perfect time to do it since I have the "extra" money. And it would be a nightmare to have a belt break and be on the side of the road...and maybe cause more damage. TB is at school so I get to ask him about all this when he gets home tonight. I am just kind of let down because I called him this morning saying we should have $1,200 to pay toward the Visa and we were both so excited about it.

Blue Bell

April 23rd, 2007 at 02:30 pm

Random Observation from the weekend: How in the world I have gone 28 years without knowing the awesomeness that is Blue Bell Buttered Pecan ice cream is a distinct mystery to me. That's all I have to say about that.

Well, the house is clean and the laundry is actually done and put away. I don't mind the washing and drying part but I really don't like the folding part. Actually, the folding is not that bad once I get in there and do it. The pep talk to get myself in there doing it is where it gets hard. On a positive note, we normally only have about 3 loads per week and do them all in one day. AND, I am very thankful to have a washer and dryer at home to do the laundry. When we used to live in an apartment we didn't have that luxury. Not fun.

Spending for the weekend:

$103.57 @ Wal-Mart. This was for groceries, litter and cat food and a few needed personal items. I don't break it down further than that.

$38.16 Sunday for lunch at Olive Garden. Surprise date! Smile

$20.00 to pay a friend our portion of money due for a campsite for an upcoming trip (he's already paid the money and everybody is just paying him back)

Weekly tithe at church

I have to pay a lot of bills this week and I should know tomorrow how much I can pay toward our lowest snowball item (Visa).

Contacted an ELP

April 20th, 2007 at 06:52 pm

Thanks everybody for your comments yesterday. I got the letter to the collection agency sent off yesterday, certified and return receipt requested. I look forward to getting to the bottom of this and getting it behind us. TB is going to say something to his mother the next time we see her.

I got on Dave Ramsey's website on Wednesday and filled out a request for an investment EPL (Endorsed Local Provider) to call me back. I wasn't sure how long it would take but I had a phone message from a very nice gentleman that night. I e-mailed him the next day and explained that we're still on baby step 2 (debt snowball) but we want to do something now with some money that TB has in a Roth IRA. The money is currently in a money market account but we want it moved to a mutual fund. Anyway, the guy e-mailed me back super fast and we're going to contact him with all the specifics about switching over as soon as we can. The IRA is in TB's name so I can't just do it by myself....and he is going to be really busy next week with school and preparing for his final (next Friday! Thank you Jesus!) Anyway, I am looking forward to working with this guy and if his customer service thus far is any indication, he will be awesome.

I had to go get my filthy car inspected the other day but I found a cool new carwash type place that offers a free full service wash with inspections. So, I went there and got the inspection for $39.50 plus the full service wash for free (11.95 value). My car needed it soooo badly! Other than that the only money we have spent this week has been for that BBQ dinner for the firefighters the other night ($113.63) and TB just HAD to get McDonald's for lunch one day because he had forgotten to pack anything (this was one of the days he had to go straight to work from a 24 hour clinical) and that was $8.53. Really not too shabby!

Oh, and I had to of course get gas, but that is budgeted. BTW, I am getting sick of these gas prices being so high and it's probably just going to go up further and further as the summer comes. Last night I paid $2.75 a gallon at Wal-Mart for gas. Total was $38.74. That will get me through about a week and will take me about 400 miles. Are y'all paying more for gas in other parts of the country? I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Collections Notice!!!

April 19th, 2007 at 03:27 pm

TB and I have never missed a payment on anything. It has been tight and money has had to be shuffled, but we have never once been late paying. As a result, we have never had to deal with a collection agency. Until yesterday.

Imagine my surprise when I open up the mail to see a collections letter in regards to a disconnected GTE Southwest phone in my husband's name. The account has been moved to a collection agency and is no longer with GTE but the phone number listed is in area code 903, which TB and I don't even live in. They're saying there is a balance due of $228.52.

Now, I am not trying to say anything mean about anybody in my husband's family...but I really think that this is not just some sort of collection agency scam...since they do list the original creditor and the phone number. I think this is one of his mom's old phone numbers (she does live in that area code and prefix where the number was). So, that means that somebody in his family (his mother, more than likely) used TB's name to open up a phone account. Of course, this has gotten us upset because it's identity theft.

So, I am drafting a letter today (got a good sample from a website) and am going to send it to the collections agency, return receipt requested and certified. This is just a big pain in the butt and I am annoyed that somebody would get a phone in his name. At any rate, we have to take the time to make sure that this doesn't wind up on his credit report and go through a big hassle.

I am going to wait the 30 days they are allocated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for them to provide verification of the debt before we say anything to his family about it. And I hope they don't think for one minute that we won't claim it is identity theft.

So, what would you do in this situation? Am I overreacting?

BBQ Dinner

April 18th, 2007 at 05:00 pm

I missed updating yesterday. Oops! One of my coworkers has been out all week and I am having to do both of our jobs. Busy, but I like it that way. Makes the time go faster!!

I haven't even had time to balance my checkbook this week! I normally try to do it every day or every other day...just because back before I got on my new financial peace kick I would go a month or more without balancing it. I mean, I would know approximately how much money was available, just from looking online, but I would not actually balance the register and write everything down. I am over that now though...I want to know where every penny is going.

So, I haven't spent too much this week...I will have to post the exact totals later. I didn't even go to the grocery store!! **gasp** I stocked up fairly well last week with all the sale items I bought. I am going to have to go this week...just for breakfast and lunch items probably.

TB only has one clinical left on Friday. WOOT!! I am ready for this to be over with. I don't know if I mentioned it before on here but all of the students usually try to do something nice as a "thank you" to the firefighters/paramedics on the shifts they ride out with. Of course, this is not mandatory...just something nice to do. Well, some of his fellow students have done steaks but we wanted to do something different so we got BBQ catered for their dinner last night. TB was there last night and didn't really want to do it on his last shift. Anyway, they really enjoyed the BBQ and it was a huge hit! I guess that took the place of my grocery budget this week though because it wasn't cheap. $115 dollars for BBQ, sides, rolls and all the trimmings for eleven men. BUT, TB has definitely enjoyed working with these guys and they have really taken him under their wing. And at least 4 of them have told him (on their own, without him mentioning it) that he is doing great and they would be happy to be a reference for employment. That is worth it's weight in gold, in my opinion.

Ok, back to work I go...

Dave Ramsey Sale

April 16th, 2007 at 03:20 pm

Last month I accidentally left my garage door up and realized a few days later that some items had been stolen from my car. Nothing else was taken from inside the garage (we don't have a lot in there anyway since we both park in there) just items from inside my car. The items taken were a tote bag and my Bible, which was in a zipper style carrying case that does look similar to a purse. In the totebag was my Financial Peace University Workbook and two books that I had gotten signed by Dave Ramsey the night I won the $1000 from him. When I went to FPU that night, I told them about my drama. The class coordinator had to leave the room for a little while and when he came back he gave me an brand new FREE FPU kit. I was so surprised and happy to get it. I wasn't sure if I was going to buy another one because they're around $90! Of course, I was way more upset about my Bible being gone than my Dave Ramsey stuff. It was definitely old and worn but it was my favorite Bible and I am still really sad that it is gone. It was given to me by my church as a High School graduation present.

Anyway, today I was looking at Dave's website and there is a special going on....all of his books, CDs and DVDs are on sale for $10.00 each. I have been waiting for this sale to come around again (I think he does it every few months) so that I can get another copy of The Total Money Makeover. It won't be as cool as the signed copy I had before but it will definitely do. So, if you're interested in getting Dave books/materials at a great price, check out his website. It looks like the sale ends today.

In other Dave Ramsey news, I am seriously bummed because I won't be able to listen to his show archives at work anymore. Up until today, I listed to them all the time. Well, when I went to do it today, they're blocked. Something about streaming media. PHOOEY, I say!!!


April 13th, 2007 at 07:45 pm

Thanks for your comments yesterday! **hugs**

To answer a question asked, I think that it will take us about 1.5-2 years to get the rest of our debt paid off. Mind you, I have not been as gazelle intense as I could have been in the past few months but I am not kidding when I say that I am full steam ahead now. Going to FPU and being on this blog community has really gotten me going in the right direction. I haven't quite figured out the exact amount that I should be able to pay to my smallest debt (visa- around $2200 balance) this month, but I am working on making it a big one...Lord willing.

Yesterday, I did some changes to my 401(k) money. I mentioned in a previous post that I didn't really understand where I had my money and talked to a person at FPU about it. Well, she explained to me how to read what the funds are and the rates of I switched up and now have my money allocated into better things. They're higher risk than what I was in stock and bonds were some of the things I had money in...but I am ok with that.

Well, TB did wind up going to the doctor. He had the beginnings of a sinus infection so he got some pills (samples!) and a shot in the butt. He was feeling a lot better and then when he got home from school last night he at some deli turkey and got sick from that. He puked several times at work and then went home so that is where he is now. He doesn't have a clinical or school tonight so he can rest, for once.

We have done great with misc. spending this week, with the exception of him needing medicine and going to the doctor. That's not exactly something you can plan for or can go without so I'm not worried about it. I'm just proud of the fact that I'm getting the fast food and other stupid spending in my past.

We're supposed to have severe weather again tonight. They're calling for hail and the possibility of tornadoes. After that close tornado a few weeks ago I am kind of freaking out. At least TB will be home with me tonight.

Need new glasses

April 11th, 2007 at 03:22 pm

Hardly anything is working here today. I've been here since's now 9:30 and I haven't done squat. Except read your blogs and balance my checkbook, that is. Hopefully they get the (server) issues resolved soon because this is getting old.

TB and I both wear glasses (I don't deal well with contacts) and need to go to the eye doctor soon. Since I had down time this morning I have been looking at the benefits I have. We have to pay $10 copays each for the doctor and $20 copays each for the lenses. Then we get a $120 allowance for the frames. Hopefully, I can get out of there without having to pay much more than the co-pay for the frames, because that is where our expense usually comes in. It just seems like you can't find a decent looking frame within that price range. I'm gonna try really hard this time, though.

TB is getting sick. I don't know if it is the crazy weather changes we have had around here, the long hours, or what. Probably a combination. He is prone to sinus infections so if he isn't feeling better today (he bought some Mucinex yesterday) I will make him an appointment. I would prefer that he just go ahead with the appointment and nip this in the bud. We have a really good doctor that gives a lot of samples. $20 copay for him but at least TB would be getting to the bottom of the problem and have something stronger to take. I'm going to make him an appointment for tomorrow if he calls and asks me to sometime today.

I am so proud of myself for going home and cooking last night. I made talapia and some veggies. My friends always tease me because I am not a cook, but I guess if I continue cooking at the rate I am now I will be improving my skills drastically. It's really not that I don't know how to cook...well, I don't know how to cook much...but that I don't like to cook. It is so boring and there are so many more interesting things I could be doing with my time! That is why I just cook very simple things. The only recipes I have ever made have like 4 ingredients in them. Somebody is probably reading this thinking I am crazy, but that is just me. Cooking is not my forte.

Spending for 4/10/07
$20.28 - Big bottle of Mucinex and some other medicine at Wal-Mart

Busy, Busy

April 10th, 2007 at 04:56 pm

Busy day yesterday. I worked and then went to a pizza and game night at a friend's house. It was a Lady's Night Out type of thing through my church and the first one I have gone to. I got to meet three new people from church so that's always good. I have been going to my church for almost a year and there are still a lot of people that I don't know. I see them all the time but never got around to meeting them. You know how it goes.

TB doesn't have a clinical or school tonight but he does volunteer for a local city's fire department and they're having a "live fire" tonight. (That is where they set something on fire..usually at a local community college where they have a burn building and practice putting it out and stuff) Needless to say he loves going to those so he will probably be there tonight. If he does go, I am going to a softball game. TB and I are friends with most everybody on the team so that should be fun. And free! LOL

Normally, this would be one of the many days that I would freak out about cooking (since it will be a busy evening) and want to just grab something quick on the way home but I'm already thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner so that thought won't even creep into my head. I think that's progress, don't you?

Spending for 4/9/07-
$3.00 for pizza contribution

$10.00 for a flashlight TB found on clearance at Wal-Mart yesterday. Normal price is $25.00 and he just HAD to have it to add to his bunker gear. It's very compact and bright and comes with cool belt attachment. Hey, at least it was on sale. Smile

GEICO Privileges Savings Program

April 9th, 2007 at 11:19 pm

Text is GEICO Privileges and Link is
GEICO Privileges

I found this today and thought it was pretty cool. It's the GEICO privileges savings program. You can get discounts at hundreds of national retailers.

It is a free service provided by GEICO. You do not have to be a policyholder to sign up, you just have to provide your e-mail address.

Easter Weekend Spending

April 9th, 2007 at 04:29 pm

The weekend is over way too quickly, as usual. Friday night TB's dad and stepmom came in to town so we all went bowling. Eight adults and six children. Good times. We had two lanes for two hours. Total cost was $100 for the lanes and shoes but it was split up so we didn't have to pay the whole thing. That is not a usual expense and we haven't been together with his whole family in months so that was nice and fun. Saturday TB had to work but afterward we went on a date. Out to eat and to the movies. We went to a fairly cheap hamburger type place and to a matinee movie. BTW, we saw Blades of Glory and it is hilarious! Definitely two thumbs up! We laughed pretty much through the whole thing. Sunday TB had a clinical so I went to Easter dinner without him. Frown That was a first which I guess I will have to get used to once he gets a FF/EMT-P job. My mom lives about an hour away so I went over to my grandparents house (they live about 15 minutes away) and rode up there with them. Quality time with the family and I saved a ton on gas. Also, my mom cooked the entire meal so I didn't have to spend any money on food or anything to take over there. I did take her and my grandmother an Easter Lily though...and I took the three little kids some Easter candy/prizes. Don't look at me that way! I couldn't help myself!!

So, yeah, this weekend kind of blew the no spending but I was definitely more "aware" (if that makes sense) of where the dollars were going. I really needed to stock my pantry so I went to Wal-Mart and to Albertson's. I shopped the ad at Albertson's and got only stuff on sale. Mainly stuff that we will use over the next month or canned drinks, 2-liters, canned veggies, cheese, BOGO specials, etc. This time at Wal-Mart I bought those lilies and had to buy some vitamins and other misc. stuff for TB. Oh, I tried the price matching at Wal-Mart and it was so easy! I am so doing that from now on!! I did it for canned veggies, roll sausage, ice cream, miracle whip, and something else that I can't remember right now. Anyway, I am glad I figured that out and will be taking advantage of the savings. Next goal is to try the couponing again.

Spending this weekend:
Albertson's $58.12 (saved $61.20 off regular prices per the receipt)
Wal-Mart $61.70 (saved around $15.00 with the price matching) Includes $10 for flowers and $9.00 for vitamins
Date with TB $23.70 for Scotty P's and $14.00 for movie tickets = $37.70
Bowling w/ TB's family $25.00

Sunday was a no spend day. Well, I did do my usual tithe at church but I'm not counting that as it is budgeted in advance.

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!!

FHA Loan - PMI

April 5th, 2007 at 09:01 pm

We have a 30 year fixed rate FHA mortgage. Well, at FPU last night Dave was talking about PMI and how it works. After the video I was talking with the people in a discussion group about how to get rid of PMI for FHA. They thought that it could never go away but I called my mortgage company today and was told that it goes away after 7 years, as long as you meet other qualifications after the seven years is up. Until then they can't even do anything for you. They also told me to go to the HUD website if I had other questions, so I did. After looking there it looks like PMI for FHA can go away after 5 years (in my circumstance since I have a 30 yr note) but there are still other requirements.

Here's what the HUD website says:

Termination of the FHA monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is based on several factors including: the loan term, loan-to-value (LTV) at loan origination and regulations in place when the loan is closed. Generally, loans closed prior to January 1, 2001 will not be eligible for termination of MIP, which is collected as part of your monthly mortgage payment.

For loans closed on or after January 1, 2001, FHA's MIP will be automatically terminated under the following conditions:

1. For mortgages with terms more than 15 years, the MIP will be terminated when the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio reaches 78%, provided the
borrower has paid the MIP for at least five years. If the LTV reaches 78% and the borrower has not paid MIP for at least five years then the borrower must continue to pay MIP until the five year requirement is met.

2. For mortgages with terms 15 years and less and with LTV ratios of 90% and greater, the MIP will be terminated when the LTV ratio reaches 78%, irrespective of the length of time the borrower has paid the MIP.

3. Mortgages with terms 15 years and less and with LTV ratios of 89.99% and less will not be charged MIP.

Although the MIP will be terminated as described, the FHA insurance will remain in force for the loan's full term. This MIP termination provision only applies to loans where the borrower also paid an Up-front MIP at closing.

FHA will determine when a borrower has reached the 78% LTV ratio based on the lesser of the sales price or appraised value at loan origination. For example, if the lesser of the sales price or the appraised value at origination was $100,000, when the loan amount reaches $78,000, HUD will no longer collect MIP on the loan.

FHA's regulations do not permit a borrower to submit a new appraisal to reach the threshold for termination of MIP. Termination of MIP will normally be based on the scheduled amortization of the loan. However, borrowers may reach the 78% threshold in advance of the scheduled amortization because of prepayments of loan principal. A borrower whose loan reaches the 78% LTV threshold sooner than projected because of prepayment may have the MIP terminated (but not sooner than five years from loan closing for loans with terms greater than 15 years) if the borrower has not been more than 30 days delinquent in paying the mortgage payments during the previous 12 months. The borrower must submit a termination request to the lender and the lender must provide the borrower's request and supporting documentation with respect to the mortgage payments during the last 12 months to FHA for such termination.

If you have questions regarding the termination of MIP, go to the following HUD website: or contact HUD's National Servicing Center at 1-888-297-8685 for more information.

So, I am a little bummed because we just bought our home in 2004 so we're not even near that mark. Lord willing we will have it paid off at least by the 15 year mark without refinancing...just by making extra payments after we're done with this other debt.

Wal-Mart Price Match

April 5th, 2007 at 03:36 pm

My last entry got me thinking so I looked this information up.


I know that all true SDers are aware of Walmart's price match policy, but this particular thread derives from a thread I posted on ice cream where some folks said they would be embarrassed to PM ice crea. Obviously those folks didn't know that you can price match nearly anything at Walmart

Here's an open floor for seasoned SDers to share how to make the most of Walmart's price match policy.

For those unfamiliar with HOW TO price match at Walmart
1. Shop as usual, filling up your cart with the merchandise you plan to buy
2. When you get to the checkout line, be prepared to show the cashier the circular before that item that you want to price match is scanned
3. Cashier manually adjusts the price - you can go to any cashier - a manager is not needed for a price match
4. Make sure the price that is put in manually is correct. That's it. Simple
5. Rinse, lather, repeat for each item that you want price matched
6. Give coupons at the end, as usual. You do not have to indicate that the coupons are for an item that was price matched

For those unfamiliar with Walmart's Price Match Policy
1. You should not be embarrassed to price match ice cream, groceries, tooth paste, maxi pads or any other item at Walmart
2. They will not beat competitor’s prices by 5%, 10%, 20% or 110% of the difference
3. They will match locally advertised prices
4. You must bring the circular for the advertised prices
5. They will not match “buy 1 get 1 free”
6. They will not match anything where you get anything free
7. The purpose of Walmart’s price match policy is to bring your business to them (instead of the competitors)
8. My purpose for taking advantage of Walmart’s price match policy is to save gas, and not have to drive to several stores to take advantage of all their sales
9. If you are refused a price match, you can call 1-800-WALMART and they are supposed to help you
10. If you have a problem using coupons, you can call 1-800-WALMART and they are supposed to help you
11. You can price match on any advertised item whether it be groceries or tires or personal products, as long as it is the same name brand and size that Walmart carries
12. You can price match produce
13. Show the circular to the cashier so that they can see the item that you want to price match BEFORE the cashier scans that item so she can do the manual adjustment on the price
14. You can price match stores like Big Lots that are considered to be "closeout stores", who do not accept coupons on top of their advertised prices. (Closeout price minus coupon usually equals a pretty good deal, like nearly free toothpaste)

Well, folks that’s all I got about Walmart’s price match policy. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask….

Please don’t be too embarrassed to get your ice cream price matched. It’s really no reason to be embarrassed… and if they don’t do it, call 1-800-WALMART right in front of your cashier LOL

BTW if you start price matching at Walmart with competitor's circulars, you will find that they REALLY don't have the lowest prices everyday.


Seems like a lot of good information. I'm gonna try it out. Smile

Shopping the Ads

April 5th, 2007 at 02:05 pm

No spend day again yesterday. I'm really starting to get into this.

I am probably going to go to the grocery store this afternoon on the way home from work. I normally just shop at Wal-Mart 99% of the time and Albertson's every once in a while but last night I actually looked at the store ads that came in the mail. There are a few things at some of the stores that I am thinking about going and getting just because I know we will definitely eat them and it will be good to have in stock at the house. As I mentioned before, I didn't do too well with coupons the last time I tried to use them but I want to try again in the near future. I just have to stop myself from buying stuff just because it is on sale.

This is probably weird but I am not an "overstock" type person. I absolutely hate clutter in my house and that carries over to my pantry. If it is something that we will use within a reasonable time then I will buy multiples but we aren't gonna use 15 bottles of BBQ sauce anytime soon so I don't want to use coupons for stuff like that. I guess savviness will come with time and I will strike a happy medium between nothing in the pantry and excess stuff that won't be eaten. After I went on couponpalooza last year I wound up being able to give a lot of it away to a local food pantry so that was good in the long run.

Anyway, back to the ads. I have heard that you can actually go to Wal-Mart and when checking out show them their competitor's ads and they will match the prices. I need to learn more about this because it would be a lot more convenient than going to 4 stores. I am wondering if they only match certain things in the ad or how it works. Like I doubt that they would match BOGO items, right? I guess I could get my husband to find out....he works for them, but not anything to do with groceries. BTW, that is another reason that I do most shopping there...10% employee discount on taxable items. It's not much but it helps.

In other news, my baby emergency fund got transferred over to HSBC with no problems. I am relieved that is done. Hopefully I won't have to touch the money anytime soon and if I do have to for some reason getting it out of there will be just as easy as getting it in.

I only have 3 more FPU classes left! I'm really learning so much there that I hate for it to end. Last night's lesson was about mortgages and I learned a lot about realtors, preparing your house to sell, preparing to buy, types of mortgages, etc. I've heard Dave say before that if you must have a mortgage you shouldn't do more than a 15 yr fixed rate one with at least 10-20% down. Well, after really hearing him talk about it last night and seeing the difference in the amount you pay, I am upset that we did a 30 year one. My plan (after the debt snowball) is to increase the amount that we're paying to what it would take to get the house paid off in 15 years...and then of course pay it off earlier as I get further in the baby steps. Oh, before I forget, if you haven't been to this website yet you should totally check it out. It shows a lot of information about your home and the value. Also, very cool satellite images. I don't know how to hyperlink on this thing but the website is

I don't know about anybody else but the thought of no payments, not even a house payment, is so exciting to me lately. I feel stupid for the amount of money that I have wasted and not saved or socked away towards debt. I am not saying that I have it all figured out by any means but I feel like I have a good attack plan now and I know that we can do it if we put our minds to it. And fast food is a waste of money!!!

Shoes, Savings and a Will

April 3rd, 2007 at 02:52 pm

I've been reading lots other blogs on here and I'm wondering what exactly you classify as a "no spend day". Does that mean you didn't spend any money at all, or any that you hadn't budgeted for? At any rate, TB and I didn't spend any money at all yesterday so I guess I had my first official "no spend day" now that I'm keeping track. Woot!

I signed up for one of those high yield HSBC online saving accounts last month. I've had my $1000 emergency fund for a few months now but it's just been sitting in my checking. I finally made the move to get it over to the HSBC savings account yesterday. I feel better about it now because there isn't a chance of me spending it without thinking about it and making a effort to get it out of the account.

In other news, I got my new Mary Jane Crocs yesterday and they are soooo cute. Love, love, love them and they're so comfortable. I was in dire need of some summer shoes/sandals so I budgeted for some. My friends just turned me on to Crocs a few months ago and I don't know how/why I lived without them for so long. I have one pair of the Cayman style in black and now two mary jane pair in chocolate and black. The cayman style is a little clunky looking and a lot of people don't like them because of that but the mary janes are really small and dainty in comparison. And of course you can't beat the comfort.

Oh yeah, this is a financial blog. Brain freeze.

TB and I don't have wills yet but we are working on it. I got some will software and a book the other day from Amazon. Quicken WillMaker Plus 2007 for $32.99. So far I am very happy with the purchase. I'm still in the process of reading the book but it is very easy to follow and the software looks simple to use. So, I am going to be working on that for the next couple of days. Fun!

PS: This was a random entry if I ever read one. LOL