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Blogging Again

February 9th, 2009 at 04:34 pm

I haven't been on here in a while but I've missed this place so I decided to start up again.

The following is from a blog entry of mine on 3/22/07:

So, about my debt... Here is what I have:

Visa card - New balance before I paid $50.00 yesterday was $2,254.08. APR is 13.18%

Discover in my husband's name - (hereafter called Discover-D) New balance after I paid $103.00 yesterday is $5,040.00. APR is 0.00% for life.

Explaination of APR - Last year we got a credit card offer for a Discover Platinum Card where you could transfer balances and have a 0.00% APR for life. The "catch" is that after the introductory (12 month) period is over, you have to make two purchases (no minimum purchace amount) per billing cycle on the card.

Discover in my name - (hereafter called Discover-E) which I forgot to bring the statement for but the balance is around $7000. APR is 0.00% for life.

Same APR deal as the above mentioned Discover.

Bank of America car note - Principal balance is $6,972.79, payment is $311.55 per month.

So there you have debt snowball items. The only other debt that we have is the house. The principal balance on the house is $131,127.75. We have a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 6% and the payment is $1220.32 per month.


Since then I have done some smart things with money and probably some dumb things.

The good news is that our total debt now (not including the house) is down to a total of $4,800.00 on one Discover card. All cars and other cards are paid off.

I hope to throw all extra money toward this card and have it paid off in a few months.