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Taking your advice

April 30th, 2008 at 12:01 pm

Thanks for the advice, y'all. We discussed it last night and decided to keep the Explorer and pay it off asap (including using our tax rebate money on it). His job will be full time but he will work 24 hours and be off for 48 hours, so that is where the every third day thing comes in. We live about 35 miles from where his new job will be and unfortunatly my office is about 2 miles down the street from his fire station so switching out cars on his shift days wouldn't do us any good. It's not that bad for him but I am really packing the miles on my car with having that drive five days a week for going on four years.

Anyway, we are going to get estimates going on the tires and get the mirror fixed asap. I am thinking about going to a local wrecking yard and asking them about the mirror. I don't think it would hurt to start there and see what they can help me with. Used parts have got to be cheaper than brand new.

Regarding TB's new job, he will still be working some hours at his retail job and his salary is more at the fire department so we are excited to get our debts taken care of once and for all.

I think that one of the huge mistakes people make when they make more money is to increase their lifestyle immediately and that is something we have dicussed and decided we are not going to do. Paying off our debt is our first priority with any 'extra' money we make.

Advice on a used car/truck

April 29th, 2008 at 05:47 pm

Well, so much for more frequent blog entries. Sorry about that. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Excellent news since I last wrote. My husband got a job in a local city as a firefighter/paramedic. I am soooo proud of him. He worked long and hard for this and it is going to be awesome. His start date will be May 5th. WOOT!!

So, here is where today's entry title comes in and where I need some advice:

Lafawnda the Honda (my Accord) is paid off and in good condition. She gets decent gas mileage and I plan on driving her as long as I can.

My husband's Explorer is a different story. We are working on paying it off and the current balance is around $2,600.00 (this is our smallest debt and next on the debt snowball). With the way gas prices are now and the longer drive he'll have to work (even though it might not be that bad since he's only going to go once every three days instead of five days a week) we are thinking about a different vehicle for him. It has been a long while since we looked at cars/trucks and I am worried about getting a good deal, decent car, etc.

This is the dealio though...I don't know whether we should pay off the Explorer asap (and throw the tax rebate check of $1,200.00 at it to get it down faster) or try to trade it in now. It does have a few issues (passenger side mirror got broken and the mirror part is missing, needs new tires which would be around $450.00).

I don't want to deal with the whole private sale thing so I was thinking maybe Carmax. But should we take it up there as is now or what?

Also, for the replacement vehicle...we are thinking a small truck or small car. I have no idea where to get started on that because I don't want a payment and I don't want to deal with dealership scumbags.

Advice? Thoughts?