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Busy, Busy

April 10th, 2007 at 08:56 am

Busy day yesterday. I worked and then went to a pizza and game night at a friend's house. It was a Lady's Night Out type of thing through my church and the first one I have gone to. I got to meet three new people from church so that's always good. I have been going to my church for almost a year and there are still a lot of people that I don't know. I see them all the time but never got around to meeting them. You know how it goes.

TB doesn't have a clinical or school tonight but he does volunteer for a local city's fire department and they're having a "live fire" tonight. (That is where they set something on fire..usually at a local community college where they have a burn building and practice putting it out and stuff) Needless to say he loves going to those so he will probably be there tonight. If he does go, I am going to a softball game. TB and I are friends with most everybody on the team so that should be fun. And free! LOL

Normally, this would be one of the many days that I would freak out about cooking (since it will be a busy evening) and want to just grab something quick on the way home but I'm already thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner so that thought won't even creep into my head. I think that's progress, don't you?

Spending for 4/9/07-
$3.00 for pizza contribution

$10.00 for a flashlight TB found on clearance at Wal-Mart yesterday. Normal price is $25.00 and he just HAD to have it to add to his bunker gear. It's very compact and bright and comes with cool belt attachment. Hey, at least it was on sale. Smile

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