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Wal-Mart Price Match

April 5th, 2007 at 07:36 am

My last entry got me thinking so I looked this information up.


I know that all true SDers are aware of Walmart's price match policy, but this particular thread derives from a thread I posted on ice cream where some folks said they would be embarrassed to PM ice crea. Obviously those folks didn't know that you can price match nearly anything at Walmart

Here's an open floor for seasoned SDers to share how to make the most of Walmart's price match policy.

For those unfamiliar with HOW TO price match at Walmart
1. Shop as usual, filling up your cart with the merchandise you plan to buy
2. When you get to the checkout line, be prepared to show the cashier the circular before that item that you want to price match is scanned
3. Cashier manually adjusts the price - you can go to any cashier - a manager is not needed for a price match
4. Make sure the price that is put in manually is correct. That's it. Simple
5. Rinse, lather, repeat for each item that you want price matched
6. Give coupons at the end, as usual. You do not have to indicate that the coupons are for an item that was price matched

For those unfamiliar with Walmart's Price Match Policy
1. You should not be embarrassed to price match ice cream, groceries, tooth paste, maxi pads or any other item at Walmart
2. They will not beat competitor’s prices by 5%, 10%, 20% or 110% of the difference
3. They will match locally advertised prices
4. You must bring the circular for the advertised prices
5. They will not match “buy 1 get 1 free”
6. They will not match anything where you get anything free
7. The purpose of Walmart’s price match policy is to bring your business to them (instead of the competitors)
8. My purpose for taking advantage of Walmart’s price match policy is to save gas, and not have to drive to several stores to take advantage of all their sales
9. If you are refused a price match, you can call 1-800-WALMART and they are supposed to help you
10. If you have a problem using coupons, you can call 1-800-WALMART and they are supposed to help you
11. You can price match on any advertised item whether it be groceries or tires or personal products, as long as it is the same name brand and size that Walmart carries
12. You can price match produce
13. Show the circular to the cashier so that they can see the item that you want to price match BEFORE the cashier scans that item so she can do the manual adjustment on the price
14. You can price match stores like Big Lots that are considered to be "closeout stores", who do not accept coupons on top of their advertised prices. (Closeout price minus coupon usually equals a pretty good deal, like nearly free toothpaste)

Well, folks that’s all I got about Walmart’s price match policy. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask….

Please don’t be too embarrassed to get your ice cream price matched. It’s really no reason to be embarrassed… and if they don’t do it, call 1-800-WALMART right in front of your cashier LOL

BTW if you start price matching at Walmart with competitor's circulars, you will find that they REALLY don't have the lowest prices everyday.


Seems like a lot of good information. I'm gonna try it out. Smile

35 Responses to “Wal-Mart Price Match”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Thank you. I've never tried to price match at Wal-Mart, but it is the closest store to my home and it would make a lot of sense. You've made it sound easy!

  2. nance Says:

    Last Christmas season, instead of standing in line at five in the morning, with hundreds of other shoppers, I took an add for Target's "door buster" deal on a Radio Flyer wagon, to Wal-Mart, and got it for the Target price, with no crowd and no waiting in the cold. It is great!

  3. Elly Says:

    I never thought of doing that before, Nance! That is awesome.

  4. threebeansalad Says:

    Thanks for the interesting post, but I have a question... what is an SDer?

  5. Elly Says:

    I think it means "slick dealer" since the site I got it from is slickdeals.com.

  6. mary Says:

    o my god this thing is sooooo gay i hate it!!!

  7. nance Says:

    So "gay"? You don't have to like it, but it will help lots of people.

  8. Kelly Says:

    Great column! I price match at WalMart all of the time! It's a great way to save money (on gas as well). and it's NOT gay. I would much rather use my money on a vacation than paying extra for groceries when I don't have to. YAY Wal-Mart!

  9. rakesh Says:

    As per Walmart Site, they say they don't do price match. Here is the exact words from walmart site:

    "About Our Prices
    We strive to provide you with the lowest prices possible on Walmart.com as well as in our stores. However, sometimes a price online does not match the price in a store. Walmart.com's prices may be either higher or lower than local store prices. Our local stores do not honor Walmart.com pricing or competitor advertisements from outside of a store's local trade territory."


  10. nance Says:

    That says they don't sell their items on line, for the same price as they sell their items in their stores.
    They do price match "advertised" sale prices of other local stores.

  11. bob Says:

    According to Walmart's FAQ:

    "Does Wal-Mart price match?"

    "Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Our customers trust us to have every day low prices ... there's no need for "special sales." Should a local competitor have a special sale price on a product through a circular advertisement, the customer may bring that printed ad into the store and we will honor the price for the same item."

  12. Michelle Says:

    Just price matched today. I got a good deal on Tide and a few other items. Price matching is the best way to shop if you have little ones. Nothing worse than having to drag small children from one place to another to get a good deal. It also saves on gas.

  13. Steve Says:

    what is local to you,5 ,10,15,20 mile radius. Is it left to the manager to decide on what ads he will price match? thanks Steve

  14. kate Says:

    I go to walmart every sunday morning. I buy the local paper and a cup of dunkin donuts and sit in dunkin donuts with a notebook and a pen and write down what seems like a good sale in the ads. I write down what store, product, size and advertised price. Then as I shop, I write down how much Walmart is charging for the same item in my notebook. I know it sound REALLY dorky, but I wanted to keep track of how much I am saving to decide if this price matching is worth it. Well I have been finding that I save about $20 each week and that doesn't even include the coupons that I use. Don't be embarrased to do this. I have had a few cases of people behind me huffing and puffing while I cash out, but I point out to them how much I am saving and even on a few occations, I have offered my ad to them to save them money on something.

  15. Dave Says:

    My local Walmart (Hazleton Pa) has decided NOT to comp adds for Best Buy or Circuit city. They claim they are not local despite the fact they come in the Sunday papper. Managements reasoning is that there is a new walmart in close proximity to those stores and THEY are the ones to do the comp adjustments. Seems like a typical ripoff Walmart style.

  16. April Says:

    Steve - the radius depends on the particular store. I called my local Walmart and they stated they would price match stores in a local town about 20 miles away. We are fairly rural, with only 2 other small grocery stores in our town, so this is a big help for my family.

    Happy price-matching!

  17. mandy Says:

    you are a genius.

  18. vvfrn Says:

    i tried asking what mile radius do price math from but the person never under stood my question

  19. lindsy Says:

    This is awesome, I wasn't sure that they did that but I had heard from a few people that they do which is great! Nothing beats saving money, especially with how high grocery's are now. I was always afraid to ask or even to do it but now I think I will start!

  20. kristie Says:

    Does an individual walmart have a certain "radius" of which stores they can compare prices with...for example a certain store can only be within a 30 mile radius of a particular walmart inorder to compare prices?

  21. Robert Says:

    I was under the impression that Walmart.com reflected local Walmart store prices. WRONG. I purchased the DVD anyways since I was already there and called local stores to see if they price match Walmart.com when I got home. First store I called flat-out told me no and was quick to hang up the phone. Second store, customer service's exact words were "We don't match Walmart prices." I had to step back for a second and check that I dialed Walmart and not another store. I questioned her statement and she reiterated "We don't match Walmart prices." I was like "uhhh...ok. Thank you." I was speechless. Before you know it I heard the click of phone; customer service just hung up on me.

  22. kendra Says:

    I have a question about this. I'll use the example I am hoping to get in the store. Kohls is having a "45% off fisher price toys" and it's in their ad. Can I use that at Walmart for fisher price toys or does it have to be a specific item? THANKS! Smile

  23. Kathy Says:

    Kendra - It's been a while since you asked, but no, Wal-Mart will not match percentage off sales like the Fisher Price example. They won't match them across a broad category or product line (i.e., all Fisher Price toys), and won't match them for specific items (i.e, Fisher Price Toy A, 50% off). It has to have a specific price in the ad for them to match: Fisher Price Toy A, was $10.99, now $8.49 or whatever.

    But there's still lots and lots of ads that can get you great deals at Wal-Mart without driving all around town. I love it!

  24. raymond Says:

    I live in a rural town also with one big store (walmart) and they will only price match other retailers in my town. (bummer) They will not match prices of nearest city 22 miles away. I asked for a copy of their policy (hard copy) and was told there was not one. How can they have unwritten policy?

  25. Shelly Says:

    Thanks for this article. It's a big help.

  26. Ashley Says:

    Here is Wal-mart's price matching policy found online:

    Price matching

    Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Our customers trust us to have every day low prices ... there's no need for "special sales." Should a competitor in the area have a special sale price on a product through a circular advertisement, the customer may bring that printed ad into the store and we will honor it for the same item.

    Unbeatable prices:
    We shop our competition. We want to know what their prices are. Then we make sure ours are the same or even lower.
    We work closely with our suppliers. By reducing costs in our processes and encouraging our suppliers to do the same, we can provide our customers with quality products at the lowest prices.
    We match our competitors' lowest prices. We make our Every Day Low Prices to be the same or lower than their lowest price.
    Our unbeatable promise:
    Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers, but we do have guidelines for matching our competition.

    We do honor "Preferred Shopping Card" advertised prices. Must be like items, be advertised and require a competitor's shopping card, for the discount to apply.
    We do not honor advertisements that require a purchase in order to receive the advertised price or free product.
    We do not honor "Buy One / Get One Free" advertisements.
    We do not honor double or triple coupons or percent off advertisements.
    We do not honor other retailers' "Misprinted" advertised prices.
    We do not honor Internet Pricing.
    We do not honor competitor advertisements from outside of the store's or Club's local trade territory.

  27. PoorMom Says:

    The Walmart Price matching is terrible in my opinion. You can save money and you don't have to drive around but they , the illiterates that they are and hire, go by the picture in the circular not the actual verbage ! I was all ready to get many , many jars of sauce for .25 each but according to the cashier they did not "match the picture" . Then I was set to get 2 nice steaks at 1.99 a lb and she didn't know how to figure out the adjustment ( try a calculator dummy) . On top of this she wanted to see the picture in every ad ..I was done . I left over a 1/2 cart of groceries in line and over 2 hours of my time .

    I have 4 stores within 1-2 miles of my home so now I make a big O and hit all of them seperately. Saves me time and ALOT of aggrivation . Also I pick up great coupons in the aisles which more than make up for the extra driving .
    So Walmart can keep their Chinese made , lead poisoned crap and aggrivation. Their stupid policy , the issue that they hire some of the dumbest people on the planet, compounded by the fact that almost none of the money I spend there goes back into my community makes me say , keep your price matching .

  28. Gary Says:

    "none of the money I spend there goes back into my community"

    Where do your WalMart's employees live? China ????

  29. CMF Says:

    Great info, and very true. My only addition to this (I didn't see it stated so I apologize if I just over looked it)is to see if some of your other grocery stores double or triple coupons. Walmart does not, so in some instances it would be better to go to a store that will double or triple your coupon so you actually get more of a saving even if it is priced a little bit more. Example, Just this morning I was going through my ads and getting them ready to go to Walmart, and I came across a deal at a local Kroger store. It was for any kind of Pillsbury cresent roll or sweet roll (cinnamon roll) and they were 4/$5, but when you buy 4 they automatically take off $1 leaving it $4. BUT!! I had 4 coupons for .35 off, so since I bought 4, I used a coupon for each and then got it tripled so in the end they paid me .20 to take it. So in instances like that, I save a few things to be tripled or doubled and leave to rest to Walmart to save me money. One last thing, Walmart takes expired coupons just in case you didn't know. Some other grocers to as well, but you'd have to call ahead to check. Hope it helped and sorry for the rambling Smile

  30. Renee Says:

    I went to Walmart last week and had some price matches but the cashier called the CSM and she said that I couldn't price match unless it was the exact same ie. I had some portabella mushrooms that I had an ad for that were 2 for $5.00 and she said because it was a different name brand that is was not their policy, so I said what about the produce and the meat, she said that this one time she would do the meat and produce but that it had to be exact. I think she is misinformed.

  31. melissa Says:

    can't wait to try this. Glad I found your site

  32. danica Says:

    How does it work with meat and produce? How do I know brands with thing like apples or strawberries? For example, I have a Hy-Vee ad that just states ripe reddened strawberries, 16 oz for 1.50--do I have to call and find out what brand this is?

  33. Serena Says:

    go to WalMart.com read their price matching policy. Purchase ONLY circular items, or absolute staples. Don't forget coupons!!! combining a coupon with an advertised price made a box of cereal 50 cents, a gallon of milk, 99 cents, package of hotdogs they gave me a dime to take it out of their store. I giggle when i get to the total Smile

  34. Deborah Says:

    I have been shopping & comping prices at Wal Mart for at least 10 years. As tight as money is I'm surprised that more people do not do it. When I'm checking out people behind me get mad it takes so long but I don't care. As may Jewish grandmother said, " A penny saved is a penny earned." I start on Sunday by going through the ads and coupons. Then I go through the grocey ads I get during the week. I ALWAYS make a list. It is time comsuming but while worth the money I save.

  35. Claudia Says:

    I just started to price match this year due to the economy.I liked it in the beggining now its just plain frustrating. First having to deal with the damn cashiers attitude and i dont mean just at my local walmart its in every walmart. Cashiers dont have patience and can be rude. Then every time im going to price match theres always a problem with something i mean i read your policy i pretty much know how this works. We're just trying to save a few bucks stop making it so difficult for your customers. At this point i rather get my specials at the regular supermarkets and save me the headaches.

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